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Preserving the Authentic American Pit Bull
Welcome to Boldog Kennel
Boldog Kennel was founded in 1985, and I've been involved with dogs professionally since 1975. I have retired to the country now, and am no longer competing with my pit bulls. For this reason, my websites are changing to reflect this new era of my life. This website will take the place of my older website:  I am also working on a new website dealing with important issues in the dog world: which will be launching soon.

Due to the tragic lack of useful, truthful information on the American pit bull (Yes, Virginia, there is a breed called "pit bull"!) I am spending my spare time putting up a site that I feel I OWE these dogs. I love them, respect them, and am really saddened at what is happening to them today.

You won't find information here about all the pit bull "knock offs", the blue dogs, oversized dogs, short, fat dogs, XXL dogs, head measurements, pocket pits or any of that crap. I'll leave that to those people who exploit the animals for money and ego, with no respect for the animals themselves. The authentic pit bull is measured by a bulldog standard used for thousands of years; gameness, toughness, a grip you can trust your life too when hunting hogs or working cattle combined with a rock solid, people friendly temperament.

Today the authentic pit bull is a RARE ANIMAL - AS HE SHOULD BE! A pit bull is a highly bred performance animal - not just another generic pet dog. Or, he should be. Those who work to make him "gentle" do him no favor. They need to breed one of the already insipid pet only breeds. Rescues and shelters do no one any favors by trying to put a pit bull in every home. They don't belong in every home. They belong ONLY with those who know, respect and have work for them to do. Just like ANY real working breed.



​Boldog Damien (Dirk son)
A tough old buzzard!

"He grips his prey not for hunger nor reward, but by the correct nature given by God"
King Alfonso XI, 1350, in Book of the Hunt 

Boldog offers the widest variety of quality
available anywhere! 

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Boldog Dirk, IPO 3, FR Brevet (Pure Sorrells)​ ADBA
Sorrells' Dorito x Sorrells' Ginger Snap, IWPA Silver Medalist

Echo's Boldog Sligo, 4 X Agility Champion (Pure Sorrells) ADBA
Boldog Dirk, IPO 3, FR Brevet x Tatonka's Kamata for info
We have never sold American pit bulls to the public. 
We do have pure Sorrells semen available.
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Once Upon A Bulldog   

Boldog Kennel is owned and operated by
Diane Jessup

Author of:

The Dog Who Spoke With Gods
The Working Pit Bull
Co-Author of :
Colby's Book of the APBT
​Boldog Druid, a Damien pup
Heavy Dirk breeding​
Have you heard the one about Diane "stealing" Pat Patrick's dogs!
Boldog Kennel is now out in the sticks! I'm so happy.
 Tons of room for the dogs to run and hunt.