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About Boldog Kennel
HISTORY: I started my professional career "in dogs" in 1977. I became a certified Police K9 Instructor/Trainer in 1979, have worked in veterinarian clinics, managed kennels, trained dogs and was an animal control officer for over 20 years. I've written three books on the breed, The Working Pit BullThe Dog Who Spoke With Gods, and co-wrote Colby's Book of the American Pit Bull Terrier with Louis Colby.  I've traveled to five countries speaking to animal control and law enforcement about my beloved American pit bull and aggressive dog behavior. I've been an "expert witness" for major police K9 units concerning K9 bite behavior as well as private citizens in court actions. I've been featured on shows such as Oprah, 48 Hours, McNeil/Lehrer News Hour, Bryant Gumble's Eye on America, The O'Reilly Factor, and dozens of other news programs here and in other countries. As an author I've had over a hundred articles published on dogs and am currently a consistant contributor to the ADBA Gazette. 

I founded and ran the LawDogsUSA program which placed several American pit bull dogs with law enforcement agencies such as the Washington State Patrol as narcotics and explosives detection dogs, paving the way for the use of the breed in more and more agencies including the US Armed Forces (as detector dogs).     

I titled my first schutzhund dog in 1981. In 1985 my life changed forever when I hooked up with a little 4 week old pit bull pup I named Dread.  UKC Ch. Bandog Dread, SchH III, IPO III, U-CDX, CD, TD, IWPA WDS, B, WH, STD-ducks/sheep, OFA Good and Bandog Brittania, SchH I, IWPA WDS, B, U-CD were my first two pit bulls.* 

For thirty years I've admired this breed and they are my passion. The inexcusably poor breeding practices of "big name" puppy peddlers, fad color breeders, "bully" breeders and the common "backyard breeder" have given ALL breeders - good or bad - a black eye. There are some today who believe that NO ONE should preserve (breed) purebred dogs as long as shelters contain surplus backyard bred animals. The passion of these folks is to save the life of every dog while the passion of the good breeder is to preserve the breed. As an animal control officer for 20 years, and someone who has been active in breed rescue for two decades, I sympathize with the plight of surplus dogs. But I do not agree that there is no place for responsible breeders and the superior animals they produce. 

What I find curious about this "don't breed or buy while shelter animals die" philosophy is that these very people will spend hours extolling the horrors of the poorly bred "backyard" puppy; its health issues, bad genetics, iffy temperament - and then insist you buy a pup from the local shelter which is, of course, supplied by those very same "backyard breeders". Seems they want the "adopter" to end up with all the problems they warn about. That doesn't make much sense! 

It appears these folks have not thought through the unintended consequences of their stance. Much worse, the current "no kill" fad (warehousing dogs often for years, generally living in shipping crates) guarantees a "guilt free" trip to the local shelter for the "backyard breeder" who is assured by the "no-killers" that his unwanted litter will all find "good homes" rather than having to face the truth of euthanasia.  The well intentioned "rescue" person ends up supporting and enabling the puppy mill, fad breeder and backyard breeder, while selling these same poorly bred pups to unsuspecting adopters. 

I love performance bred sport and working dogs. I feel there is a place for both the rescue dog and the purpose bred dog. I think shelters should screen heavily, with an emphasis in placing "pet rock" type dogs with adopters who generally don't want much more than a "Geo Metro" of a dog. Breeders, on the other hand, should be allowed to continue to produce quality animals for the various purposes dogs were developed for. Two very difference sources for two very different types of dogs placing animals in two very different types of homes. After working in animal control for over twenty years, I see it as a reasonable compromise. 

The world today is flooded with poorly bred and even more poorly managed "pit bulls". The nation's shelters and the media headlines are full of the result of careless and fad breeding. The "here today gone tomorrow" dog peddlers and the "no kill" rescue people who place inappropriate animals with anyone they can get to take them, inflict damage on the breed which will take years and generations of work by serious breeders to repair. 

The foundation of Boldog Kennel is the most consistent, purest line of pit bulls I could find. I avoid the "barnstorming", "hard mouthed" mentality - gameness, not destructiveness is what old timers - and I - desire. For this reason I chose a "road less traveled" and stayed with a pure old family, the Bert and Joannie Sorrells' line of dog, which is based on the English import dogs of Con Feeley, taken up by Henry, Williams, Corvino and Clouse. These early breeders kept their lines pure and valued gameness over destructive aggression.  

The Boldog Kennel breeding program had a simple goal: preserve this ancient breed for the next generation. I produced health tested, sound, people friendly, utterly tough, game, athletic gripping dogs with the drives necessary to make them of legal use to today's society - as they have been of use for centuries past. And all in a package which meets the time honored physical standard. 

I'm too old and crippled up to breed pit bulls anymore.

​I am still active in dogs - just dogs a helluva lot easier to handle than real deal pit bulls!
I breed European Dobermans and old time, hard coated cairn terriers.

* "Bandog" was my kennel name before I changed it to Boldog because I was tired of people thinking
 my dogs were pit bull - mastiff mix mutts!)  

A typical Boldog pup at 6 weeks of age. 
Boldog Amp, owned by Chris and Susan Underwood of PA.  Boldog Dirk, SchH III, FR Brevet, CGC x Tatonka's Kamate, CGC
This is me and my Jersey steer "Cowie". We have a "Love thang" going on! 
Boldog Monarchy, CGC. Owned by Evan Geiger, WA. Boldog Dirk, SchH III, FR Brevet, CGC x Boldog Super Freak, CGC
Boldog General Burkhalter, IPO III, CGC, TT, TDI, owned, trained and loved by Susanne Bunny of New York. Burkie and Susanne made their schutzhund titles in three straight trials! That's Burkie to the left, with his beloved tennis ball!  Far left, the unbelievably cute "Baby Burkie"!  NOTE: Burkie is STILL alive in 2019! Keep on, keepin' on Burkie!
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