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Diane Jessup's "LawDogsUSA" Program - TODAY
Several years ago I was fortunate enough to hook up with some wonderful people and this allowed me to donate dogs to law enforcement for detection work. There were a lot of behind the scenes politics and things going on that made it a delicate business, and unfortunately one over zealous person (now working for "Best Friends" animal hoarding facility) went over my head and did some things that caused the agency involved to stop using pit bulls. I attempted to go on with the program but lacked funds and the time to do it correctly so chose to just shut it down instead.

I am now retired and enough time has passed that the damage done is past and once again I have outlets for American pit bulls for use as detection dogs.  I DO NOT ADVOCATE THE USE OF THIS BREED FOR "PATROL" (bite) work with law enforcement, and none of the dogs I handle will be used in this fashion. Detection work is a great "PR" opportunity for the breed.

I am not breeding pit bulls, due to lack of qualified homes, so I am having to rely on other breeders and the rescue community for dogs. If you would like to see a dog you know become a working Police K9 helping to keep American safe, please keep reading! 


If you have a dog which you think might meet the requirements, please follow the instructions under "HOW TO TEST THE DOG". If the dog is accepted into the program, I will pay to have a vet do a thorough exam and I will also pay shipping to me. At that point the dog will undergo more extensive testing and training and health screening. The dog will be given training that will help it to succeed if accepted by law enforcement (LE). 

I do NOT RECIEVE ANY FEES OR RENUMERATION FROM ANYONE for these dogs. I do not cyber-beg for money. This is how I chose to spend any spare funds I happen to have as I think it is a worthy thing. 


Dogs to be considered for LE work need the following characteristics:

* 110% sound with people. ALL people. These dogs work in the public and are in the public eye in places like ferry docks, airports and schools. There is no way we can make excuses for a dog with unsound temperament. Unsound temperament includes behaviors like: alarm barking at non threatening strangers, growling at people, shying away from being touched, fearfulness, shyness and fear of environmental situations like slick floors or small spaces.

* Must be very sound physically. This means well angulated front and rear (not straight hind legs), athletic, able to work hard for extended periods of time. A sound dog that is just fat and out of shape is acceptable. Please, no "American bullies, pocket pits, XXL pits" or dog like that. We need athletic, strong, agile, medium sized dogs.

* I would like pure bred American pit bulls, but will accept qualifying mixes. 

* The lower the dog aggression, the better. I am looking for dogs SO interested in their toy that they really don't notice other dogs. I DO NOT EXPECT an American pit bull to "get along" with a strange dog, but I can't have one that is more interested in being reactive to another dog than to work.

* Dogs should be 10 months to no older than just turned 3 years.

* Cropped or uncropped doesn't matter.

*  Either sex, altered is preferred.

* Most important characteristic is INTENSE DESIRE TO PLAY FETCH WITH BALL. 
I mean the dog wakes up wondering where its ball is and goes to sleep at night with ball 
in its mouth. The desire to play with and look for its ball should be the dog's most intense


If you have a dog you think may work, please do the following things to start the process!

1) Take a picture at dog height of the dog standing side ways to camera, and of the dog's front and rear.

2) Send a video tape showing the following:
    * Dog on LONG line, or off leash is better, fetching a ball/toy from grass or brush that is at least a foot high. I need to see the dog SEARCHING for the ball, not playing with it. Hold the dog while the ball is thrown at least 30 feet away. Spin dog around at least once and then release it to find the ball. Dog does not need to bring the ball back perfectly - what matters is the desire and intensity of the hunt. 
    * Dog getting its toy from "difficult" locations such as trunk of car, up on counter, into heavy shrubs. 
    * Show dog interacting with a stranger who walks up and reaches down to pet the dog heartily.
    * If possible, show the dog searching for ball while another STRANGE dog is walked around the area (NOT too close!) 
    * Show anything you think I should know about this dog in particular, any weird traits or habits. :  )

Please send the pics and video to me at with the subject line marked DETECTION DOG.


Despite our best efforts to pre-screen, some dogs will wash out, as it does take a VERY special dog to make it in this line of work. Donors are encouraged to have the dogs returned to them. I will pay for the health certificate and make the 5 hour round trip to the airport to ship the dog back. Donors will be responsible for the return shipping fee. I do not run a rescue, so am unable to place the dogs. Other arrangements are possible and will be discussed on a case-by-case basis. ​

I thank you so much for reading this, and wanting to help the breed. Being a detection dog is THE best life for any dog! These dogs are much loved, and I have been so pleased at the quality of handler the dogs have gotten. The dogs retire with their handler when they are done, and live out their lives as family pets. 

Here are just a few of the pit bulls I've donated with the help of people like you!  K9 Neville, K9 Moto, K9 Shaka, not picture: K9 Hemi, K9 X-Dog (Scout), K9 Lucky, K9 Kona, K9 Dilly