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Contacting Boldog Kennel - Diane Jessup
I AM NOT BREEDING OR SELLING DOGS AT THIS TIME. There are not enough qualified homes. Sadly, money motivated kennels and "no kill" rescues are flooding the U.S. with poor quality animals called "pit bulls". 

In reality, it is a RARE person who should team up with a bulldog...and it is this fact that had led to the headlines and legislative backlash against any dog that resembles a bulldog. Remember - it is NOT game fighting pit bulls in the hands of the old timers that are killing people. It is "pet" dogs in the hands of "pet" owners. Think about that for a while. A recent incident in North Carolina, where a young boy was killed by a dog, was the result of a "no kill" shelter handing out "pit bulls" for almost no fee, just to move their inventory. Tragic for the child, the dog and the breed. DO NOT SUPPORT "CLEAR THE SHELTER" events which lead to low bar dogs being placed in low bar homes. Shame on the shelters!

Training And "I Can't Keep My Dog" Questions

I have retired to a farm and I have a lot of animals I am caring for by myself. For this reason, I am unable to spend a lot of time on the computer. PLEASE: I cannot take your dog, nor do I know anyone who wants your dog. If you are having training issues, please contact a positive trainer in your area. (That means NO shock collar trainers!)  If your dog is biting people, put your dog down and don't get any more, because a dog can't bite someone unless you let it have access to the victim.  That may sound harsh, but I'm not a fan of Breed Specific Legislation, and we have BSL because of people who won't euthanize unsound dogs or control normal dogs. 

Diane Jessup 

Susanne Bunny and Boldog General Burkhalter, IPO III (x2), CGC, TDI, TT, shown  completing their IPO III (schutzhund) title in 3 straight trials! 
My beloved Boldog Butcher's Dog, IWPA WDS,(Butchie) as a pup. One of my all time favorites. Butchie was one of a litter of 14. His sire was a pure Sarona stud, his dam was Boldog Grip, SchH I, IWPA WDS (silver medalist) who was from the famous Frasier/Baroness, SchH III line.

 Rest in peach my friend.  You are missed.
Bandog Brittania, SchH I, U-CD, IWPA WDS, B, a good little Colby bitch. She always scored in the high 90's in IPO bitework. Got a 97 going for her SchH II but didn't pass obedience due to being gunshy so I retired her. 
Boldog The Next Big Thing, CGC. This bitch is just a pet for me, but I love her! 
Boldog Dirk, SchHIII, FR Brevet, CGC. Dirk was an impressive dog in the bitework phase of his IPO trials, but loved people and was gentle with everyone.