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Damien's hips on his OFA pic.

Boldog Damien
Damien will be going for his IWPA weight pull titles in 2014 

OFA Hips: Fair PBT-582F41M-VPI
OFA Patella:Pending
OFA Cardiac: Clear (record on file)
OFA Elbow: Normal PBT-EL227M41-VPI 
CERF: Clear AP-178

See all OFA results HERE (pending return of results)

CLICK HERE for  Damien's pedigree

Sibling #1 41 pound female, buckskin/blk mask
Sibling #2 58 pound male, buckskin/blk mask
Sibling #3 female, buckskin/blk mask (culled at 6 months)​
Sibling #4 male, buckskin/blk mask (culled at 8 weeks)

A product of intense inbreeding on Boldog Dirk, SchH III, FR Brevet, CGC, Damien, his sister Guppy and brother Archie represent the closest I have achieved to my goal of tough, gritty, high useful prey drive combined with absolutely bomb proof temperament with people and kids. Not to mention good looks! Damien's main fault is his size, he is over standard at a solid 72 pounds. As no other dogs in his family are over standard, I suspect his pups will be standard size. Damien is defined by his determination: when he wants something he will go over, under, around or quite often through anything to get what he wants. He is unbelievably strong and quite a handful. I wish I was 25 years old again... quite frankly he is too much dog for me with my medical issues, and I was physically unable to train he or his sister due to my arthritis. However, I'll be posting vid links soon to showcase this dog... I'm really proud of this litter. 

Damien will be going for his IWPA weight pull titles in 2014. 
Damien as a pup at 9 months of age.