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Copy of the OFA certificate sent to me by the OFA showing Dirk as having OFA excellent hips.  Years later OFA notified me that the vet clinic had confused his xrays with another dog.  By that time (he was over 8 years old) his right hip would not pass OFA due to an earlier sports accident.  He had been bred and had a history of producing OFA Ex and Good offspring. However, I feel it is important to be completely upfront about this. Normally I would not breed to a dog who did not pass OFA hips! 
Boldog Dirk, SchH III, FR Brevet, CGC, cont...
Tatonka's Kamate, CGC, Diane Jessup and Boldog Dirk, SchH III, FR Brevet, CGC 
Left and center, "Scooter" and right "Walnut", brothers to Dirk. 
Boldog Dirk as an old dog with his daughter/granddaughter Boldog SuperFreak