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Boldog FreakShow
APA Weight Pull 3 (Highest Level prior to format change) 
ASCA CD (Multiple All Breed High Scoring Dog In Trial)
Schutzhund "B"
Schutzhund "Tracking I"

OFA Hips: Excellent PBT-495E38F-VPI
OFA Patella: Clear PBT-PA144/13F/P-VPI
OFA Cardiac: Clear PBT-CA226/13F/C-VPI
OFA Elbow: Clear PBT-EL177F38-VPI
CERF Eyes: Clear AP-158

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CLICK HERE for FreakShow's pedigree

Sibling #1 Boldog Grim, IPO II, WDA Regional IPO I Champion, CGC Blk Brindle, 58 lbs  male
Sibling #2 Boldog General Burkhalter, IPO III, TT, CGC, TDI, Red nose/red, 65 lbs male 
Sibling #3 Boldog K9 Dilly, Washington State Patrol Narcotics Detection Dog, black, 59 lbs male
Sibling #4 Boldog Uno, culled at 11 months (orthopedic issue) black brindle, 50 lbs, male  
Sibling #5 ​Boldog Punk, culled at 14 weeks (temperament) light brindle, male

FreakShow is a result of the first breeding of Boldog Dirk, IPO 3, French Ring  Brevet, CGC to WSP Bomb dog K9 X-Dog. Freak is one of my favorite dogs, a grand sense of humor, a fantastic sense of responsibility and a desire to "do right" that I really appreciate. She is without doubt the fastest runner and swimmer I have seen in this breed. Her love of water is simply "insane".  She loves kids and is trustworthy around my chickens and stock. And all around great little bitch. She was a wonderful mom, easy breeder but she is now spayed and taking up competitive obedience in her older age.  She has been showing in the Australian Shepherd Club of America (ASCA) all breed obedience trials and is quite good, earning multiple Highest Scoring Dog In Trial - all breeds.  She will show in AKC obedience with an ILP/PAL. 

Freakie broke out a lower canine tooth at 11 months of age doing bite work, and that, along with a slight case of gun shyness made me decide not to take her on in IPO training.  She did earn her Tracking 1 title and was a fine weight pull bitch who earned the highest APA weight pull title (at that time, the format has changed) but my health kept me from being competitive with her. 

Today Freakie is 8 years old and LIVES to swim and to run with the car.  She sleeps in the bed every night as helps me raise puppies. She is a valued friend.    
Freakie pictured here at 7 months of age 
Freakie pictured here at 9 months of age 
Another High In Trial - cane and all!
Coming out of the obedience ring.