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Boldog Grim, SchH II, Tracking II, CGC  
​Grimbo was born in the first litter from Boldog Dirk, SchH III, FR Brevet, CGC.  His dam was Washington State Patrol Explosives Detection Dog K9 X-Dog, one of the most amazing pit bull bitches I've had he pleasure to know. X-Dog was not registered, and I did not take the breeding of an unregistered dog lightly, however as the State Patrol offered me an opportunity to participate in a pilot program to see if raising their own dogs would be more efficient than purchasing dogs, I jumped at the chance.  They were crazy about X-Dog. 

Grimbo's brother Dilly is still working with the WSP as a narcotics detection dog. Unfortunately another brother, Uno, who was taken into training by the WSP had to be euthanized at 11 months due to orthopedic issues associated with the screw tail gene.   Another brother, Boldog Burkhalter, SchH III, TT, ATTS, CGC was placed as a pet but returned to me as "too much dog" around a year and half of age.  And he was a LOT of dog!  I got very lucky and placed him with a fantastic home in New York where he is both family dog and sport dog. 

​Grimbo was born
​Grimbo earned his SchH II, but then I retired him due to his rear end not being as sound as it could be. I did not want to continue jumping him. He as a very short screw tail, which seems to be associated (according to several breeders I have spoken with, including Louis Colby) with an overly straight rear (and a few other associated traits). Like his dam, Grimbo has over the top, intense, overwhelming toy drive. He almost always has a tennis ball in his mouth and if he doesn't, he's staring holes in you trying to get you to throw it. He is absolutely bomb proof with people, and adores children. He has a natural gentleness with children that appears to be genetic, as he was not raised around kids. 

Grimbo is a very good tracker, and earned his Tracking I and Tracking II titles along with his schutzhund titles. If walking wasn't so difficult for me, I'd love to get an FH on him.

Grimbo is a black brindle, 63 pounds and was neutered at 9 months of age. His eyes are CERF clear, and his heart has been certified healthy. 
​ Grim at 9 months of age.
​ Grim is a water and retrieving freak.
​ Going for the flirtpole.
​ Young dog, about 12 months old.
​Head study at 2 years of age.
​ Another shot at 9 months.
​ Grim and K9 Kona (I donated her to the WSP and she now serves with Mason County Sheriff's office).