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Boldog Kennel Site: How To Use This Site
For three decades I've worked to be a good breed steward, and if YOU are interested in this breed, I'd like YOU to be a good breed steward as well. I'd like to give you information that will allow you to do that. I believe preservation of this historic breed is worthy of dedicating a lifetime to. But breed steward or pet owner - YOU owe it to the breed to educate yourself.

 Put it this way, if you spell the breed name "pittbull" - this site is here to help you! 

No dog breed is surrounded by as much ignorance, misinformation, spin, myths and downright lies as the pit bull. Example: how many times have you heard a so called "breed expert" say one of the following mistruths:

• There's no such breed as a 'pit bull'

• It is all how you raise them

• "Blue nose" is a type of pit bull

• Aggression can be "rehabilitated"

Misinformation like the above will be cleared up here by someone with 30 years experience with REAL American pit bulls. Not just shelter dogs, not just rescue dogs - but well bred, "typey" authentic bulldogs. So, if you are interested in real deal information from someone who puts the breed above spin or political correctness, you've come to the right place.

 I deal in common sense. This site is a labor of love meant to try and repay a debt to the greatest breed in the world who has given me so much good in my life.

And don't worry:

 I'm not cyber-begging money for a rescue;
I'm not a commercial kennel trying to peddle you a pup or training;
I'm not trying to keep TV show ratings up;

 So I can do something a lot of others can't do: 


This site is designed to give YOU intelligent, accurate, information. This site is here to help educate an entire generation whose experience is with a breed damaged by 25 years of careless "fad" breeding. I hope to help those struggling to find honest information in a world with very, very few old time mentors. 

The "pit bull fad" is winding down but our homes, streets and shelters will be flooded with generic animals identified as "pit bulls" for years to come. Thankfully, there are many fine web sites and rescues dedicated to these dogs and their owners. But this site is for those who understand that a breed must have serious stewards if it is to survive. Who understand that "breeder" is a dirty word ONLY if you agree with PETA that ALL well bred dogs should disappear off the face of the earth. Without good breeders there are no dogs bred correctly to type. It's that simple. 

I hope the info here will be helpful to anyone with the worthy goal of keeping the real, pure American pit bull sound in body and mind - people friendly and tough as nails - while remaining a law abiding citizen. I hope it will make you a breed steward; one of the few who understands what "type" means. If you are a breeder, rescuer or pet owner, I hope this site will help you enjoy and appreciate the American pit bull just a bit more. 

Use the "SITE INDEX" page to search further into this site. This site is replacing my old site, The Working Pit  I am moving the information over, adding a bunch more, and updating it.

So, click HERE to return to the SITE INDEX page, or use the buttons at the top of the page to navigate the site.  Thanks for visiting!

Diane Jessup