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Boldog Mad Nell
Nell was obtained with the intent of being bred to Boldog Dirk's semen when the time comes, as she is linebred on the Ch. Sorrells' Uncle Bud, POR/ROM son, Sorrells' Larceny (Javaline).  She was bred by long time dogman and former Navy seal, Madison Parker of Florida. Madison has a long history with the Sorrell family of dogs, having handled and bred a number of Bert's better known dogs. Nell's sire and dam are his personal hunting dogs for his Survival Training business. Videos of Nell's parents working can be seen on his site.

CLICK HERE for Nell's pedigree 

Nell is uber friendly, about wagging in two when she meets anyone. Her dog aggression is manageable, and her most outstanding characteristic is her intelligence and her complete lack of fear. She is THE most environmentally sound dog I've met. Nell is a bit big for my taste, being 58 pounds. For this reason I will not be breeding her to Damien, as he is oversized.     

Nell has been fun to train, and you can watch her progress in training from 5 weeks of age on if you search YouTube for "Boldog Nell". She will be ready for her "B" and Tracking I by 15 months, when she will be old enough to compete.  Bitework has not come easily for Nell, as she finds it difficult to bite "a human" even in play.  She is one of those bitches that just loves people to the point that she doesn't want to "hurt" anyone.  I hope, through using her prey drive, to be able to obtain an IPO I on her, but if not, that's ok too.  While I have enjoyed IPO sport for over 40 years, I have never considered it a "breed suitability test" for the people loving American pit bull breed. Nell will grab anything with fur or feathers (though her dog aggression is very manageable) so I can forgive her her lack of enthusiasm for biting humans in IPO.  I believe Nell would be an excellent hog dog and hope to give her a chance to prove that soon.

Nell's contribution to the Boldog breeding program will be as yet another bitch line started with a cross to Boldog Dirk, FR Brevet, IPO III. Her correct structure and faultless temperament will be an asset for a line to be woven in with other Dirk lines.