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French Ring Brevet

OFA Hips: "Excellent" rating given by OFA by mistake (have certificate) sports injury kept
 him from obtaining a rating in his old age when mistake was discovered.  CLICK HERE
OFA Cardiac: Clear PBT-CA238/100M/C-PI  
OFA Elbow: Clear PBT-EL179M96-PI
CERF Eyes: Normal AP-166

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CLICK HERE for Dirk's pedigree

Sibling #1 Scooter, male, red nose/red
Sibling #2 Walnut, male, buckskin/blk mask
Sibling #3 Rose, female, red nose/red
Sibling #4 Kaybar, male, buckskin/blk mask

Dirk was a once in a lifetime dog - an animal I was absolutely determined to use as a foundation dog for a unique line of health tested, titled pure Sorrells dogs. His sire and dam both came straight from Bert Sorrells yard. 

Dirk was raised using pure positive marker training, meaning no leash corrections - period.  I was very proud of the fact that this spirited real deal bulldog was able to be trained in this manner and compete successfully at the highest levels of dog training.  When Dirk earned his French Ring "Brevet" title, he scored well, placing 3rd out of 8 dogs, being outscored only by the USA's top ring trainer and only ring judge and Canada's top ring trainer! We left ring due to dissatisfaction with local clubs and switched to schutzhund  where he earned his IPO I, II and III despite my being crippled and having two knee replacements during that time.   Dirk was simply the soundest dog I've had the pleasure of knowing. He was bomb proof, gentle with people, had extreme toy drive and came from a family that were all proven game.  What more could you want in a bulldog? 

Dirk didn't know the meaning of the word "defense". I never saw him "angry" or "afraid" in his life. Dirk saw life as a fun, exciting game that never offered him anything to make him feel threatened. A decoy could threaten him as much as he wanted - his bark stayed in prey as Dirk waited for the opportunity to grip. No human ever made him feel "defensive" because fear was just not part of his make up. Those who like a big "threat display" on the bark and hold would never have liked Dirk - his deep old bulldog bark was never a "threat"! It was just a trained behavior he had to give to make the decoy move and let him grip and fight the sleeve.  It is this lack of "defense" that has made the name "bulldog" stand above ANY other dog breed in meaning "courage".  Dirk was the most fearless dog I've ever known.   

The other thing about Dirk was his NATURAL working ability. He never had to forced to work; he never had to be shocked or jerked into retrieving, or releasing, or tracking. He was quick to learn, eager to please and his toy drive was off the scale. 

The rest of my life will be spent attempting to recreate him.  Boldog Damien and Guppy are very close, and I really look forward to the future.  
Boldog Dirk 
Dirk's sister, a rednose.