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I swear to you, NO breed on the planet has as much misinformation out there about it than the authentic, original American pit bull.  None!  Most pit bull breeders alive today (2020) have, in all reality, never even met a real deal pit bull.  They know only "knock offs" like the American Staffordshire, "blue pit bulls", "American bullies", "giant/XXL", "pocket pits" and that sort of thing. 

IF you truly want to KNOW what the pit bull was, and in rare cases today still is, you would be best served to go back and read about them from the men who knew them.  My advice is to buy a complete set of these old time magazines, which show you the real pit bull. 

Do YOU need a pit bull?
History - without the nonsense
Character of the authentic American pit bull  
Structure of the authentic American pit bull 
AKC/UKC/ADBA Standards
Boldog Kennel guide to understanding your own dog's structure
"Fad Bred" dogs: the blues, "American bullies", "pocket pits" and other nonsense
Preservation of the Authentic American pit bull 

The Bait Dog Myth Exposed

Is it "All how you raise them"? The role of genetics and environment
Where to obtain a pit bull - how to find a quality breeder
Red flags - clear signs that a breeder is no damn good
Pit bull rescue - what you need to know
Papers, pedigrees and registration companies
Health Testing  
The pit bull and hip dysplasia
Guide to responsible pit bull breeding
Inbreeding, outcrossing, scatterbreeding, "family dogs" and culling

Tether, Kennel, House or Crate?
Nutrition and Feeding 
Maintenance care of yard or single dog 
Simple wound care
Exercise: carpet mill, slat mill, springpole, flirtpole, jenny, wheel,    
How To Fight "Anti-Tethering" Laws In Your Town or State
Having a pit bull and being in the military
Breaking up dog fights
Should you get a pit bull for your pit bull to play with? 
Cesar Milan, dog parks and other mistakes you can make

Positive versus compulsion methods   
Unregistered and rescue dogs welcome!
When to start, what to use
Dogsports:  IPO  Ring Sport  Weight Pull  Obedience  Tracking  Fun Activities   
Hog hunting


Southern Inferno Kennel (Red Nose Hog Dogs and more)

Southern Cross Cut Gear

Stillwater Supply (Good stuff, good folks)​

The Pit Bull; The Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing But The Truth

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