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Agility Champion (C-ATCH)
Other Agility Titles: OAC, OJC, NJC, WV-N, TN-N 
APA Weight Pull 1

OFA Hips: Good PBT-496G31M-VPI
OFA Cardiac: Clear PBT-CA284/22M/C-PI
OFA Elbow: Clear  PBT-EL178M31-VPI
CERF Eyes: Normal AP-174

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CLICK HERE for Sligo's pedigree

Sibling #1 Amp, female, buckskin/blk mask
Sibling #2 male, buckskin/blk mask (culled)
Sibling #3 female, buckskin/blk nose (culled, runt)
Sibling #4 female, buckskin/blk nose (culled)
Sibling #5 male, buckskin/blk nose (culled)* 

I am very, very proud of Sligo. While he comes from a rip-roaring pedigree, he is one of the most responsible male pit bulls I've seen around other dogs. A large part of this is due to the fantastic upbringing that his owner, Heather Leu has given him.  She channeled his mega-uber-toy drive into useful behaviors necessary for the world of competition agility. To me, seeing Heather and Sligo in the agility ring, surrounded by screaming border collies and shelties, I can hardly believe that is an unaltered, game-bred pit bull male! Good job, Heather! 

At home, Sligo is trustworthy with the poultry and the best buddy of two young boys. He's a perfect house dog.  Sligo has never been trained for schutzhund, but when tested for sleeve work he impressed! Full, firm grip and no fear when threatened. What I like the most about Sligo is his extreme hunt drive. He would make an outstanding detection dog!  He is a retrieving fool.

Like the pure Sorrells dog he is, he is healthy and has had no medical issues. Passed all health clearances with flying colors. I look forward (very much) to getting some pups from Sligo in the near future!     

* Note: I cull hard. Many breeders say they do, but they don't. Culling is a breeder's way of putting out ONLY the very BEST. A litter is like a hand of cards: only a couple hands will be excellent, the rest aren't necessarily bad, but they aren't above average. I only keep "excellent hands".  I'm not in this to produce pups for resale.
Boldog Sligo