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Boldog Kennel Upcoming Litters

​ Sorry, no longer breeding American pit bulls. 
Here are the Boldog Damien x Boldog Bitey pups at 8 weeks of age!  "Jim" is in the left rear, "Druid" is middleleft, "Fry" (the bitch) has blue collar and "Biggy Smalls" is the one underneath Fry. I have retained Druid and Jim. Nice, nice pups.  Unfortunately, several pups in this litter were a throw back to their Eli blood, and did not have temperaments that I found acceptable. They were culled. Breeders need to be VERY honest about the temperament of their pups before placing them with the public. IT IS possible to determine if a pup has poor temperament as early as 5 or 6 weeks. I will be posting articles on this soon.